Women’s Health Physiotherapy


Women’s health physiotherapy is a cost effective and non-invasive treatment for a range of women’s health problems, including incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. As many as one in three women will experience some kind of women’s health problem during their lifetime, but often they are too embarrassed to seek help. If the problem has developed since childbirth, they might even think it’s normal. These problems can lead women to develop their own coping strategies. In the case of leaking urine, they may cut out ‘high risk’ activities like exercise; go to the toilet more frequently; and/or drink less in a misguided belief it will stop them leaking. Yet high quality research shows that specialist women’s health physiotherapy involving pelvis floor muscle training, for example, will stop urinary leakage in two thirds of women who leak urine, for example, on coughing or sneezing or exercise. Physiotherapy has also been shown to reduce the distressing symptoms caused by pelvic organ prolapse and often avoids the need for surgery.

Vicky’s women’s health physiotherapy practice is holistic. It is not just about teaching pelvic floor muscle exercises, although this is obviously an important element. Clients are often surprised to learn that women’s health physiotherapy involves a broad range of treatment and advice, for example on bladder and bowel habits, diet, fluid intake, exercise and lifestyle. Treatment is tailored to help reduce any pain or embarrassment clients may be experiencing, whilst at the same time restoring and/or improving function (be it bladder, bowels or mobility). Vicky understands how distressing talking about some of these problems can be and is experienced in dealing sensitively with clients, putting them at ease, in the comfort of a private setting. In this way the clients can feel confident enough to talk openly about their problems, knowing everything they say will remain strictly confidential.

Vicky Keates BSc PGCert MCSP

HCPC registration No: PH 74319

Women’s health physiotherapy

– First appointment              £70   1 hour
– Follow up appointment   £50    40 minutes

Pregnancy related musculo-skeletal physiotherapy 

– First appointment             £50    1 hour
– Follow up appointment   £35    30 minutes

Vicky trained to be a Women’s health physiotherapist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals after studying to be a physiotherapist as a mature student. She has since progressed up the career ladder and now works part-time at the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust as a Clinical Special Physiotherapist in Women’s and Men’s Health and Team leader, where she treats gynaecology and urology patients with pelvic floor problems, and obstetrics patients with pregnancy-related musculo-skeletal problems.

At the same time, she has built up her private practice, Women’s Health Physio, treating women and men suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. She is passionate about women’s health physiotherapy. As well as speaking at training events for clinical specialists, she has also been invited to speak on the radio (for example, BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour and, more recently, BBC Radio Sheffield). In her past, she has also lectured at Sheffield Hallam University, worked as a lawyer and she is also a qualified masseuse. She has high standards and is constantly developing her practice in order to deliver the best possible care to her clients.

0114 258 4499

550 Abbeydale Road

Sheffield. S7 1TD