Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine is part of a naturopathic and holistic health treatment aiding in strengthening the bodies immune system, healing irritated tissues and developing the bodies self healing abilities. Remedies are in a liquid form and may also include supplements where required and creams or drops as appropriate. Attention is also give to improving diet to help relieve discomfort and increase energy levels.

Help can found for issues with digestion, circulation and skin problems as well as those related to stress, women’s cycles and allergies.

For further information please visit http://www.heritageherbs.co.uk.

Jeanette Kozimor

Thursdays 1.30pm – 5pm

Jeanette qualified in 1987 not leaving her previous career in teaching behind entirely by becoming a tutor for the General Council & Register of Consultant Herbalists in the 90’s. She went on to serve as a Director of the International Register of Consultant Herbalists until 2006 as well as maintaining her full-time practice.

Registered with The Unified Registered of Herbal Practitioners

Issued with the HerbMark which is held by practitioners who are members of professional associations affiliated to the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association and meet their strict standards of practice. It enables the public to choose a herbalist with the conidence that they are fully qualified and fit to practice.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal appointment includes remedy prescription

Consultation             £68     1 hour

Follow up visit          £55     30 minutes


Jeanette also offers

Iridology                   £68

Homeopathy            £50

0114 2584499

550 Abbeydale Road

Sheffield. S7 1TD