Therapeutic Massage Sheffield


We offer several different types of massage :-

Deep tissue massage – This is a strong, focused massage good for active people wanting to remove the lactic acid from muscles after training and those who prefer a more powerful treatment.   1 hour   £40

Swedish massage – This is medium strength massage aimed at invigorating your body and stimulating your circulation.   full body   £35   neck, back and shoulders   £25

Therapeutic massage -A gentle massage aimed at relaxing your mind and body.   30 mins   £20

Hot Stones massage – A relaxing massage using the gentle heat of volcanic rocks.   1 hour   £40   90 mins   £55

Pregnancy massage – Aimed at easing all the aches and pains of pregnancy.   1 hour £44    90 mins   £55

Holistic massage – A gentle, relaxing massage aimed at easing stress and tension.   1hour   £40   90 mins   £55

Indian Head massage – A relaxing massage concentrating on the scalp.   30 mins   £20



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