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Osteopathy is a manual therapy based on restoring structural balance to the body by ensuring that the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues are working in unison. To achieve this the osteopath will use manipulation, soft tissue massage and stretching to relieve muscle tension, increase joint mobility and improve the health of the structures by enhancing blood and nerve supply. The holistic view of the body means that osteopaths do not only treat symptomatic areas but also look for the parts of the body that are causing those symptoms.

Osteopathy is a patient centred therapy and, as such, is suitable for almost anyone. It uses a wide range of techniques which means that every patients needs can be considered. Treatment is tailored to each individual and will vary depending on age, fitness and diagnosis.

Although Osteopaths are more commonly know for treating back problems patients seek treatment for a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, changes to posture in pregnancy, work related problems, the pain of arthritis and minor sports injuries.

All osteopaths in the UK are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). It is against the law for anyone to call themselves an osteopath unless they are registered with the GOsC, which sets and promotes high standards of competency, conduct and safety.

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Vanessa Ellis Bsc. (OST)
GOsC reg. no. 1847

Days – Monday & Friday

First visit £42  (45 mins)                             

Follow up visits £38  (30 mins)

Vanessa graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1994 and has worked back home in the Sheffield area ever since. She first became interested in osteopathy at a very early age when her parents took her for treatment when she was 14 years old.

Through her years of experience, both professional and personal, Vanessa has become interested in the treatment of headaches and stress related issues as well as helping people with fibromyalgia. Getting to know about her patients and their lives is important to Vanessa as she feels it really helps her to personalise her treatment and advice to best help each individual. Treating her patients is still the most rewarding and stimulating part of her work but also loves the opportunities for continual learning and self improvement that osteopathy offers.

Outside of the clinic Vanessa loves spending time with her family out on their bikes, going out to the cinema or travelling around the country.

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Josh Kelsall M.Ost
GosC reg. No 9550

Days – Tuesday

First visit £42  (45 mins)

Follow up visits £32  (30 mins)

Josh studied for 4 years at Leeds Beckett University to become a Master of Osteopathy. Whilst training he accrued over 1200 hours of clinical practice to ensure refined and effective techniques on a wide range of patients. Having recently qualified, Josh is very up to date with recent research, guidelines and new techniques to help provide a treatment tailored to each patients’ needs.

Whilst studying at university, Josh developed a keen interest in the correct use of breathing mechanics, often misused in today’s stressful working environment. Josh focused his Masters thesis on how osteopathy can improve breathing mechanics and further researched how this could reduce acid reflux.

Josh is a sporty individual who enjoys golf, football and squash. Having suffered various sporting injuries, he hopes to work with sports clubs in the future to help prevent and treat injuries in order to aid recovery and return to sports as soon as possible

0114 258 4499

550 Abbeydale Road,
S7 1TD Sheffield